President's Letter

Dear Possible Sponsors to Santa Claus Anonymous,

Welcome to Santa Claus Anonymous [SCA], a very special and unique 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to “Give a Child a Christmas.” It’s a pretty straight-forward concept and one with which I am proud to be associated. As a matter of fact, hard as it is for me to believe, I’ve been a volunteer member of Santa Claus Anonymous for 30 years – longer than many people I know have been married. Of course, Santa Claus Anonymous dates back much farther than 30 years. As a matter of fact, the year, 2009, marks the 75th anniversary of our founding.

It all began in 1934 when Theodore R. McKeldin, head of the brand new Baltimore Junior Chamber of Commerce [Baltimore JCs] -- and future mayor of Baltimore -- organized a JCs fundraiser so that the children of the most financially distressed families in Baltimore City could have a merry Christmas. The idea caught on and, except for a brief hiatus during World War II, has continued and grown ever since.

I first found out about Santa Claus Anonymous in 1978 when I joined the Baltimore JCs [now the Baltimore Junior Association of Commerce]. I later became President of the organization and a member of the Santa Claus Anonymous Board of Directors where I’ve been ever since – first on the Board, then as Secretary and now, as President.

As I said earlier, I am proud to be part of Santa Claus Anonymous. I suspect that what has always appealed to me most is the very personal, yet respectful nature of its activities. Each year, we distribute close to 20,000 gift certificates to the metropolitan Baltimore area’s most financially at risk families. Once the certificates are mailed, we count on volunteer fundraising activities, culminating in our holiday mail appeal, to raise the money to fund the campaign.

To my mind, it is at that point that the program takes on a very special quality --anonymity. Our recipient families never know who is contributing to the program. By the same token, our donors never know the name of even one recipient family. Supporting Santa Claus Anonymous, therefore, is an act of truly altruistic generosity. I like to think of it as a belief in people and the spirit of giving.

This year, like most non-profit charities, SCA faces a real challenge. These are difficult economic times and I know that like many of us, you are very carefully considering how to allocate your charitable donations. I can only say, “Choose Santa Claus Anonymous.”

Through many tough times – depression, war, economic downturns, and grave concerns – we have persevered and stayed true to our cause, to “Give a Child a Christmas.” This year of uncertainty and concern is no different; we are determined to help as many children as possible. This means that caring people like you will realize that one of the great joys of the holiday season is knowing your gift has brought some joy to a child, some dignity to a family. Every penny, every dollar counts.

Please take a few minutes to check out the rest of our site. Every year, our volunteers present a Golf Tournament and a festive Wine Tasting event. This year, we’re adding in some new special events and we welcome your participation as an attendee and/or a volunteer.

Best wishes for all of 2015–

David Blumberg