Board of Directors

Santa Claus Anonymous is governed by an active Board of Directors consisting of 6 dedicated professionals with one goal in mind: “Give A Child A Christmas”

Our board members serve on a variety of commitees including the Executive Committee, Events Commitees, and Development.

If you would like to speak with any of our board members about their work with Santa Claus Anonymous and how you can help, please contact Nicole Russell, at or 443-557-7000.

David Blumberg
President, SCA
Read his President's Letter HERE

Mike Barke
Vice President, SCA

Regional Manager
Board Member for 1 year

Robert R. Booker
Vice President, SCA

Chief Executive Officer
Academy Reinsurance LLC
Board Member for 32 years

John Snead
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Federal Government Employee
Board Member for 18 years

Todd Levey

Board Member for 18 years

Ellie Wang
Secretary of the Board of Directors

Physical Therapist
Board Member for 2 years

“This is one of worthiest organizations for the children of Maryland.  It’s an honor to have the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors.”

Gail Hamlet
Board Member for 2 year

“I wanted to get involved with Santa Clause Anonymous because I love the mission, parents are able to shop for their own child’s gift at a retail store – providing the parent with the opportunity to be Santa for their child.”